Infected tick on human skin.

Ticks are a common pest all throughout the United States. They inhabit grassy areas and trees, and nature-lovers have long since been wary about this pest. Anyone who has a lawn or an outdoor space, or enjoys hiking with their family and pets, should know how to identify a tick and its bites. 

Colony Of Termite

When you’ve spent all this time, effort, and money on buying a new home, the last thing you want is to move in and find out you have termites! Termites are a problem for millions of Americans every year and cause nearly $50 billion in damages across the country. 

A gray little decorative rat eats delicious and juicy blueberries. Rodent close-up.

Rodents are common pests all throughout the world. They plague homes, buildings, and streets. Rats and mice are so common because they can live literally anywhere, managing to stay hidden from humans and surviving off of trash, scraps, and edible plants they find. They also carry disease with them and are considered generally unclean, which is why it is vital for any homeowner or business owner to know how to identify the signs of a rodent infestation. Taking swift action to eliminate rodent infestations is extremely important, so you should always take the time to thoroughly check for any pests. 

termite nest at wooden wall

Termites are extremely common pests that plague home and property owners. These wood-chewing bugs are so scary because you may not even notice their presence for a long time, but they can cause extensive damage. In fact, termites cause nearly $50 billion in damage to homes around the U.S. They’re found in 49 of 50 states and are extremely resilient creatures.  

Dad treats his daughter with mosquito spray. The man uses spray on the childs arms and legs. Protection from mosquitoes in the forest.

For many, the best part about summer is spending time outdoors in the yard or on the patio. From playing with your children to hosting barbeques, having a yard is the pathway to plenty of fun activities that can be enjoyed during the nice weather. Unfortunately, summer also means the return of mosquitoes that plague the northeast. Many families try to enjoy their outdoor areas but find themselves bitten up and itchy. Sometimes, mosquito infestations can get so bad that outdoor areas can’t be enjoyed at all. If you find this is the case, here are some summertime mosquito prevention tips.