German cockroach


Brown; about 1/2-inch in length, with two dark, longitudinal stripes on the "shield" at the front of its body.


German cockroaches are found throughout structures but prefer warm and humid places. Roach control should focus on bathrooms and the kitchen, two places frequented by this pest. It spends about 80% of its time resting in cracks and voids near a source of food and/or water. These cockroaches most commonly enter buildings via paper products or packagings such as grocery bags, cardboard boxes and drink cartons.


German cockroaches are scavengers and eat almost anything, including such things as soap, glue and toothpaste.


Cockroaches poseĀ serious health risksĀ to your family or business. Controlling German cockroaches takes expertise and persistence due to their rapid reproductive rate. At least 95% of the population must be eliminated during initial treatment or they will return. Baits are a particularly effective form of roach control for this species, but correct placement in cracks and crevices near harborages is critical. Because cockroaches are nocturnal and experts at hiding, successful roach control require special equipment, materials, and expertise.