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Fire Ant Control in Lake Gaston

Professional Fire Ant Control for Southside Virginia & Northern North Carolina

Fire ants are aggressive, especially when their mounds are disturbed. Accidentally stepping into a fire ant nest can leave painful and itchy bites on you or your family. Then the disturbed mound may split to create more fire ant colonies. A mound is just the tip of the iceberg, as fire ant colonies can have up to 500,000 ants. Our team has received training from the Southside Virginia Department of Agriculture Fire Ant Experts so we can better serve our communities. Commonwealth Exterminators provides multiple techniques for successful long-term fire ant control in Virginia and Lake Gaston.

Proven Strategies for Fire Ant Elimination

The key to fire ant removal is to successfully combat the queen. Colonies revolve around the protection and feeding of their queen. Control methods that remove the queen are only part of comprehensive fire ant control.

We reduce fire ants with these three techniques:

  • Granular Bait: This product is usually a mix of food that is attractive to ants and small amounts of slow-acting insecticides. This effective method is safe for pets and wildlife, but it is slow acting. It can take one to eight weeks to come into full effect, but this is technique successfully removes the queen.
  • Mound Treatments: We use fast-acting contact insecticides to apply directly to each fire ant mound. This can quickly eliminate large mounds and prevent smaller mounds from appearing during bait treatments. The liquid drench method can kill a mound in just a few hours, whereas dry treatments may take a few days.
  • Broadcast Insecticide: This long-lasting solution can manage fire ants for an entire season. Treatment can be applied as a liquid spray or as granular similar to the bait. This can kill ants that move to create new mounds in your yard during other treatments.

These three methods provide comprehensive fire ant control in Southside Virginia to enjoy your outdoor space without facing itchy and aggressive ants. Commonwealth Exterminators has been treating pests in our community for over 40 years and has trained with Southside Virginia’s fire ant experts. Let our team provide long-lasting solutions for fire ants on your property.

Don’t use DIY solutions to fight these persistent pests. Call our team today at (434) 848-9800 to schedule an appointment!

Fire Ants: Your Questions Answered

Why do fire ants seem to sting at the same time? Fire ants tend to sting when they feel vibrations or movement. Usually, when fire ants crawl onto someone, they will move to try and get them off. This triggers the ants to bite or sting based during movement.

Are fire ant stings lethal? Only about 1% of the population is hypersensitive to ant stings. If you get stung by fire ants, watch for symptoms of allergic reactions like excessive swelling, shortness of breath, or sweating. If you have these symptoms, seek medical attention. Otherwise, keep the stings clean and avoid itching them to prevent infection.

Can fire ants be eradicated? Red fire ants cannot be killed entirely, but they can be significantly reduced or temporarily eliminated from your property with our control methods. Commonwealth Exterminators’ three techniques provide comprehensive fire ant control in Southside Virginia and Lake Gaston so you can enjoy your outdoor space again.

Our team provides seasonal fire ant control that can protect your property from these pests. We’ve served our communities for 40 years and are dedicated to helping families enjoy the outdoors without fighting pesky insects like fire ants.

Don’t delay! Commonwealth Exterminators is here to help. Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (434) 848-9800 or filling out our online contact form.

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