Pest Control Technician

When you venture into any hardware or garden store you'll find a wide selection of pest control products available, including powders, sprays, and granules to choose from. Commercial pest management is another option. Is commercial pest control environmentally friendly though? First let's look at the potential for environmental harm from DIY pest control use.

With DIY pest control there's always the risk of improper application resulting in harm to not only the environment but to whoever is using the products. Most consumers don't read the entire product label and don't fully adhere to these EPA Safety Precautions. Even for the more experienced consumers DIY pest control is risky. You can never be too careful. Improper disposal of any containers and leftover chemicals is a huge environmental concern with pest control use. Consumers are typically not fully aware of all the risks associated with store bought products. 

So now let's look at commercial pest control and its impact on the environment. Commercial pest control companies must adhere to strict safety standards set by the EPA and must act accordingly to be in compliance. When a professional pest company is hired, the technician they send out to perform the work will be thoroughly trained in the industry. Most states require a short EPA-approved training course and passing scores on a state licensing exam. Some even have additional requirements such as apprenticeships. 

These trained technicians know precisely how much product to apply. They have knowledge of the most efficient methods of application in order to avoid excessive use. They use effective commercial applicators to ensure precise placement of the chemicals. The products used by commercial pest companies are expertly mixed and labeled. All precautions are taken to limit exposure to the environment while providing maximum effectiveness. They have the training, experience and tools to adhere to safety standards.

When you think of commercial pest control you might also think it means stronger, more aggressive product application but that's not entirely accurate. The products used are more concentrated than most store bought products, but they are mixed expertly to produce an effective product. The higher efficacy means that less chemicals are being used to get the job done. These products are applied by trained technicians who know precisely what substances they're using and how the chemicals work. All of this results in a much safer process and proper handling of the chemicals. 

Here at Commonwealth Exterminators we respect the balance between effectively controlling pests and protecting the environment. Our pest control options are discussed with the customer and we will address any environmental concerns or questions that our customers have. We understand the need for effective pest management while also having a minimal impact on the environment.