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As a Real Estate Broker I depend on professional and honest providers to take care of my customers when helping with the inspections of the home they are buying. I have worked with Commonwealth Exterminators for 6 years and have always been pleased with their professionalism, honesty and promptness. Not only do I hire them for my personal Termite and Pest Control needs I also recommend them to all my clients, friends and family.

Commonwealth Exterminators has been servicing our listings and sales for over a decade. They take extra care that the owners and buyers are well informed about the inspection results. The staff is courteous and efficient and we can always rely on them to do a great job!

During the summer we have problems with spiders and bugs where we live. Ricky with Commonwealth Exterminators came to our house and sprayed and we have had no issues with spiders or their webs for the last few months. It was the best thing that Rhonda suggested to us. Thank you Commonwealth Exterminators for a great job.

Commonwealth Exterminators is prompt, professional, and dependable......they will always have my business!

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