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For many, the best part about summer is spending time outdoors in the yard or on the patio. From playing with your children to hosting barbeques, having a yard is the pathway to plenty of fun activities that can be enjoyed during the nice weather. Unfortunately, summer also means the return of mosquitoes that plague the northeast. Many families try to enjoy their outdoor areas but find themselves bitten up and itchy. Sometimes, mosquito infestations can get so bad that outdoor areas can’t be enjoyed at all. If you find this is the case, here are some summertime mosquito prevention tips.

First Rule: Eliminate Standing Water

The first thing you should do to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your property is eliminate standing water. This means getting rid of any items, decorative or otherwise, that can collect water when it rains. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water and those eggs hatch quickly! Keeping your area as dry as possible will help curb the amount of mosquitoes you see on a daily basis. 

Certain plant pots, cans, buckets, pots, overturned children’s toys, and other yard decor may collect water. Birdbaths look pretty but may not be suitable if you find your yard is unusable due to mosquitos. Keeping your rain gutters clean and free of debris will also help eliminate mosquitos. If you have water features like fountains or ponds, keep the water treated. You may also want to go out after it rains and dry off any tables or other patio furniture - otherwise, you may be greeted by a brand new batch of bugs next time you go outside. 

Herbs, Incense, and Scented Oils as a Repellent

Although these won’t do much on their own, using some natural repellants like citronella in combination with keeping your area dry can help reduce the number of mosquitos you see. Citronella candles, plants, and oils can be found in nearly any pharmacy or hardware store. Mosquitoes dislike the strong smell and are likely to avoid that area. If you keep a garden, you can also look into plants that repel mosquitoes like lavender, marigolds, catnip, or rosemary. 

Prune the Hedges and Mow the Yard

Mosquitos like to seek shelter from the midday heat under shady plants and grasses. You can minimize the damage but still keep your favorite shrubs by taking care to prune them. Keeping the lawn mowed and long grasses at bay will not just help with mosquitos but other summertime bugs like ticks as well. 

Run Fans at Floor Level

When you’re out there, one of the best methods to keep mosquitos off of your skin is by running fans. These annoying bugs are actually poor fliers, and their wings simply can’t battle gusts of wind, so a fan will literally blow the mosquitos away from you and your guests.

Call in Professionals to Take Care of Large Infestations

If you find that you’ve been through every store-bought solution and can’t curb the mosquito infestation in your yard, it may be time to call in the professionals. At Commonwealth Exterminators, we know how important it is to have a yard you can enjoy. We can inspect your area and treat it with the right products to keep mosquitos from coming back. We’ll also give you our best professional advice on how to keep these bugs at bay so that you and your family can relax and enjoy the sun this summer.