As a business owner you know the importance of routine maintenance and this applies to pest control too. The battle of controlling pests can be especially frustrating in a commercial building. Here are some of the common pests that can infest your business and some simple ways to keep them out. 


Rodents are often the most invasive pests that infest businesses as they can fit through small spaces and are attracted to warehouses and storage areas. Once they get in it's difficult to trap them all. Keeping these pests from entering your business will go a long way to prevent major infestations. Check around exterior areas for gaps in windows and doors. Keep a close eye on any spaces around plumbing fixtures that lead to the exterior. Rats and mice will often seek out dark and damp areas. If there are noticeable areas where you can see gaps, you can fill in these spaces with a spray foam or install a door sweep. These simple items can help keep rodents out.

Flying Insects

It may seem that everytime you open your door or window a flying insect finds its way inside, especially during the warmer months. Flies are one of the worst and most noticeable pests that can have a real negative impact if you operate a business in the foodservice industry. One simple way to deter flying pests is to create airflow. Ceiling fans and proper ventilation helps to make spaces less inviting for winged insects. Keep trash areas clean and empty regularly, and set up trash bins away from areas where customers gather. Fill planters with insect-repelling plants like scented herbs or citronella grass. Wasps often tend to build their nests under awnings and on trees so trim branches back and check awnings for nests. If any nests are found professional removal is advised.

Ants & Roaches

These insects are attracted to indoor areas, as they seek out shelter and food. In office buildings they tend to mainly be found in bathrooms and kitchens since they like areas that provide dark hiding spaces and moisture. Keep these areas extra clean and put any food items in a sealed container or refrigerator. Emptying trash receptacles often and cleaning around the trash bin will also help deter pests such as ants and roaches.

Regular maintenance and inspections of all plumbing fixtures will greatly reduce the likelihood of any pest infestation since they like damp areas. Report any leaky fixtures to the building maintenance department if your building has that option, or call in a professional plumber to make repairs. 

Doing all you can to keep these pests away is especially vital if you operate a business in the foodservice industry, but in any type of business it's important to keep up with a pest control plan. Pests can quickly make nests, and then removing them becomes an even bigger problem often requiring a professional pest control service.

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