When cockroaches invade they are very stealthy about it. You may not even see them when they first find their way in. They run fast and will hide under items that provide dark hiding spots near the floor, such as furniture and appliances. They can be eliminated, but it takes some persistence and know-how. Here are some pest control tips to tackle a cockroach infestation.

  1. Locate the problem area. Roaches tend to prefer certain areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you turn the lights off in these spaces and then take a flashlight to peek under cabinets and into dark nooks and corners you may be able to see where they are hunkering down. Roaches are more active at night and tend to stay in areas where they have easy hiding spots. If you can narrow down the area, preventing further infestations and treating the current problem will be easier. 
  2. Cleaning up and food storage. Cockroaches that find their way in have one goal - to find food. If you're seeing cockroaches and there are food items left out, even non-perishable items, consider sealing all food items up in resealable baggies or air-tight storage containers. This includes any pet food. If there are any items you suspect have been contaminated by roaches throw them in the trash. Cockroaches carry diseases and you shouldn't risk consuming food they might have come into contact with. Cleaning up any cluttered areas will also help to deter additional pests including roaches. Pests like hiding spaces. Any old clothing or boxes should be stored up off of the floor. If you can safely do so, pull your kitchen appliances away from the wall and clean the floor behind them, as food tends to get into these areas over time and roaches will find it. 
  3. Seal entry points and check delivered packages. Roaches can find their way in through many sources. One way they get in is by hitching a ride inside packages or items delivered to your home. They also can find their way in through entry points from the exterior, such as under doorways and through any compromised exterior point. If you see any holes or cracks at the foundation, it's a good idea to get some caulk or spray foam and seal the area up. Replace any window screens and door-sweeps that are showing wear. Check any delivered items for signs of live roaches or eggs. Consider opening boxes outside and recycle or dispose of packaging materials.
  4. Contact a professional. There are some DIY pest control options available but they are often ineffective and sometimes a health-risk. Some of these products work better than others and some are safer than others. Sprays, powders and traps must be placed in areas where children and pets cannot come into contact with them. These products contain chemicals that are harmful if ingested. A professional exterminator is your best defense against pests. They will know where to look and how to best treat the cockroach problem. The products used by an experienced pest control technician are tested and safe. They will be thorough and all safety precautions will be taken. They also will be able to help identify the species of roach which can help to deter future infestations.

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