Types of Roaches Found in Homes

Cockroach in Home

Cockroaches are a nuisance for most homeowners around the country. These bugs are incredibly resilient, with their species’ surviving for millions of years without much evolution. They reproduce quickly and are hard to kill. They can nestle into hidden spots and create large nests without the homeowner even being aware that they are there.

Different Types of Roaches

Most species of domestic cockroaches have lived with humans since caveman days, and have specifically evolved to live and thrive in human dwellings.

This includes:

  • German
  • American
  • Oriental
  • Brown Banded

Most Common Roaches in Buildings and Urban Areas

Cockroaches are often a worrisome pest in multiple-family homes, buildings, and other populated and crowded areas. The particular types of roaches found in urban places require a human presence to find food, shelter, and water. People living in buildings must take care to do what they can to prevent roaches, as they travel from apartment to apartment looking for just the right settings to start a nest.

Look out for:

German Cockroaches

These are the most common roaches found in homes across the United States. They measure 13-16mm long, so they are fairly small. They are brownish-yellowish and are distinguishable by the two stripes located on their head, or pronotum, in scientific terms. Being the most common type of roach, they are often found in crowded building areas, where they can move their nests as necessary looking for sources of food.

Their commonality also means that they have developed resistance towards most types of store-bought insecticides. They can be a prominent problem for apartment dwellers or building owners, who often have to take on the responsibility of providing an exterminator to make sure that tenants are in a liveable situation.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

You can spot these critters by their small size and their distinctive color pattern. Brown-banded cockroaches only grow to about 13mm, so they’re one of the smallest species of cockroach. They’re reddish-brown in coloring, and you’re more likely to find them on the higher floors of a home or building as they don’t have the same water needs as German roaches.

Oriental Cockroach

Often called a “waterbug,” these roaches are big, and can grow up to two inches. They prefer cooler, moist places, so you’re more likely to find them in the bathroom cooling off against the ceramic tub or hiding underneath the kitchen sink. They’re also commonly found in basements and storage areas near pipes.

Most Common Roaches in Homes and Suburban Spaces

Although German and brown-banded cockroaches can still be found in suburban homes, there are different species that usually plague homeowners. Other species of cockroaches that have evolved to live outside dwell in outdoor areas but are likely to seek refuge in houses when the weather is too hot or cold, or when they require food.

American Cockroach

These bugs are large, up to two inches in length, and reddish-brown. They’re often found on the first floors of homes in or near cities, or suburban areas. This type of roach prefers to live in sewers, but when the weather becomes too hot or food is scarce they climb out from drains and sewage gates and infest homes.

Smoky Brown Cockroach

The smoky brown roaches look almost exactly like American cockroaches, except that these are a dark color, almost black. They normally don’t live inside homes, but sometimes end up nesting in outdoor equipment or firewood that gets brought inside during the winter.

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